Assignment #2 – The Media Landscape & Database

Media Relations Assignment 2: Understanding the Media Landscape and Building a Media Database

PURPOSE: This assignment is designed to assist students in understanding the media landscape, and building a media database specific to the needs of their client organization.


TASK # 1 – As you focus on the needs of your client, reflect on the following:

  • Explore the media that will matter to you (your client), and who are most likely to approach for publicity.
  • Who are the media in your geographical area?
  • What are your subject/topic areas?
  • Can you match reporters to particular themes you wish to get covered?
  • Who are the contact people you need to know?

TASK # 2: Start a Media Database

This won’t be public. An Excel spreadsheet works well, or any kind of contact database. You will continue to work on this throughout the semester, adding people, contact information etc.

*Construct this list in a Google Doc and share with me, so I can be updated on the list of the contacts as you build it).

PLEASE NOTE: This media data base will be crucial to your publicity work throughout the semester so this needs to be populated as much as possible as soon as possible. As the semester progresses, you can add media contacts to it.