Classroom Protocol

Classroom Protocol

This course involves extensive classroom participation, speaking  and writing exercises and group work. A positive attitude towards teamwork is therefore essential. I insist that the following conventions are adhered to in class meetings:

  1. ACTIVE LISTENING – hearing is not the same thing as listening. Conscious attention to a speaker’s words and potential meanings is essential.
  2. RESPECT – showing consideration for alternative points of view in a manner that continues the dialogue without denigrating the dignity of other participants.
  3. REFLEXIVITY – a willingness to employ self-critique and to consider collegial constructive criticism.


  • ALWAYS take your textbook and workbook (notebook) to class.
  • If you are more than fifteen minutes late (without prior notice), you will be considered absent for the day
  • RINGERS on all personal mobile devices MUST be turned off in class as a courtesy to others.
  • NO text messaging will be permitted in class. Your full attention to classroom activity is a sign of respect for yourself, the instructor, your fellow students, and the exercise in which you are participating.


Students are required to participate fully in all classroom activities. The prerequisite for participation is ATTENDANCE. Whereas attendance is usually a matter of personal choice, I will NOT offer extra lessons or tutor a student whom elects not to attend classes.

Students with health or personal emergencies that prevent their attendance at classes should contact me immediately. Social and personal engagements such as weddings, non-emergency doctor’s appointments, and minor colds and coughs are NOT emergencies. Students with health emergencies that require them to stay in bed and not attend class must provide a doctor’s note verifying their inability to attend class.

TUTORIAL SERVICES: Tutorial Support Services (TSS), located on the second floor of the University Library within the Center for Academic Development, provides peer and faculty tutoring at no charge for all RWU students.  The Math, Writing, Science, and Foreign Language Centers offer assistance Monday – Thursday 9 am – 8 pm; Friday 9 am – 3 pm; Sunday 2 pm – 8 pm. For additional information about the Center, including tutor schedules, please see our website at