Who should Study Media Relations?

Students studying Media Relations should:

  • Have a deep interest and general understanding of media relations.
  • Engage regularly with a number of news sites, from the traditional newspapers, magazines and journals to digital media like blogs and social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram or YouTube.
  • Be interested in expanding your knowledge of communication vehicles and generating positive publicity through story pitches, media releases, Q&As, presentations or social media.
  • Be aware of what’s going on with clients – including special projects, and events, future plans, strategic goals etc.
  • Confident to put your ideas forth and brainstorm new creative ways to promote the client’s news, products, services and events.
  • Be enthusiastic, optimistic, focused and motivated.
  • Be able to speak eloquently, to and on behalf of clients, and directly to the media in press conferences, interviews, pitches and meetings.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the semester, students should have a full grasp of how to do the following:

  • Generate and drive positive publicity about their clients.
  • Work with members of the client organization to uncover and promote client news – from an employee accomplishment, an industry award, profiles of organizational success to promoting events staged by or supported by the organization.
  • Devise strategy and create plans for optimizing media coverage of client news and events.
  • Research media outlets and reporters to build media lists
  • Evaluate news cycles and trends in new media, including understanding ‘newsworthy’ stories.
  • Position client organizations in the media
  • Write media documents such as press releases, media advisories and pitch letters.
  • Pitch stories to local journalists; provide context for journalist to write story (background information, visuals, resource people etc.)
  • Stage event, or initiate project to garner publicity
  • Represent client in the media – one to one interviews, press conferences etc.or coach client to represent themselves in the media.