Presentation & Submission of Assignments

BRIEF NOTES ON ASSIGNMENTS: Assignments assigned in this class are both individual and group work all designed to illustrate understanding and mastery of key ideas, concepts and techniques learned throughout the semester. Each assignment is discussed in detail in class prior to its due date. Sometimes students will begin some assignments in class depending on its complexity.

Groups are determined in class and students shall remain in their assigned groups for the entire semester. Working in teams often presents with challenges including equal distribution of work and personality differences. I however expect students to resolve these on their own. Working collaboratively in a team is critical if one is to be adequately prepared for the world of work.

PRESENTATION OF ASSIGNMENTS: Oral presentations can be done with or without PowerPoint. Please email a copy of all PowerPoint’s to instructor after delivery. Visual aids are allowed. If written, work should be typed, well written and organised according to the principles of public relations writing. Students are advised to retain a copy of all submitted work. Unless, it’s an oral presentation, all assignments must be handed in-person at the beginning of the class session in which they are due. Please note that assignments handed in at end of class are considered late, and will be subjected to the five point penalty. Students can expect to receive their graded assignments (and grades) back within two weeks of submission.

ON EXTENSIONS: The ability to honour deadlines and to complete tasks satisfactorily is critical. Extensions for the submission of assignments and essays will ONLY be granted in exceptional circumstances (e.g., the presentation of a medical certificate certifying the student is unwell). This must be done before the deadline of the assignment concerned. Absolutely NO extensions will be approved after the deadline has passed. The demands of work are not a sufficient reason for gaining an extension, nor are computer ‘crashes’. (Please ensure that you make regular back-up copies of your files or print out hard copies). All requests will be judged according to their merits. Work submitted after the due date WILL NOT be accepted.


It is your responsibility to read and precisely follow all instructions provided by an instructor. If you are unsure about assignment guidelines, or need clarification, it is YOUR responsibility to seek help or ask questions for clarification before you submit.

ALL work in this subject is compulsory and must be submitted. Failure to submit any piece of work will have a negative effect on your final grade. Equally, failure to attend 6 classes or more is grounds for failure.