Subject Resources & Required Text

TEXTBOOK: On Deadline: Managing Media Relations by Carole M. Howard and Wilma K. Mathews. (ISBN-13: 978-1478603405 ; ISBN-10: 1478603402).

Video and recording equipment is a REQUIREMENT for this class. Students who own a smart phone can download recorder apps for audio recording. Please remember that some video or audio files maybe too large for email etc. unless you purchase the PRO versions of these apps.

PLEASE NOTE: Media Services do have video cameras for general student use. The cameras can be reserved using their online equipment request form. As soon as the request is confirmed via email, the equipment can be picked up. The loan is good for 3 days, and can be renewed once, after which the equipment must be returned.  The equipment is to be picked up in the lower level of library. Student IDs will be required to borrow equipment.


Teaching and Learning in the Course

Classes in this subject will be devoted to a combination of lectures, discussions and practical exercises – to be done inside and outside of class time. I expect students to read assigned materials before coming to class. Students are also expected to take part in classroom activities. The prerequisite for such participation is attendance.  Your course grade will depend on whether students live up to these obligations.

NOTE: It is assumed that all students in this course have a basic command of the English Language and have University-level writing skills. Oral and written communication skills are an essential part of public relations. Your ability to think critically, and respond appropriately to the different tasks set in this course depends heavily upon your ability to use language. Writing assignments will therefore be graded on the mechanics of writing, content, style, grammar and spelling as well as organisation and presentation.

Although we will emphasize writing for digital platforms, attention to spelling and grammar remaints essential. Learning to write well is something only YOU can do through your own hard work, but there are resources to assist you. I will try to be as helpful as possible in providing specific suggestions, comments and encouragement. However, I recommend the following books:

The Associated Press Stylebook, Norm Goldstein, Editor, Basic Books, 2007, ISBN-13-: 978-0-465-00489-8 AND Zinsser, William, On Writing Well: The Classic Guide to Writing Non-fiction (New York: HarperPerennial). I also recommend additional classes on public speaking to improve your oral communication skills.


This class involves a lot of discussion, group work, peer-to-peer interaction and oral communication in general.

Shyness is therefore not encouraged or applauded. Please expect to be called upon in class to answer questions at any time, to deliver presentations, and to answer questions asked of you during spokesperson training and your press conference.

Other  students have taken this class and have survived. You will too.